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What does "Made in Hawaii" really mean?

An item labeled "Made in Hawaii" refers to products manufactured or produced in the state of Hawaii. Simply put, the label signifies the origin of the item as being created within the geographical boundaries of Hawaii. When a product is labeled "Made in Hawaii," it typically means that the manufacturing or production process took place in Hawaii using materials sourced from Hawaii. This label is often associated with products that showcase the unique culture, traditions, or craftsmanship found in Hawaii and at Bottled Ocean Treasures.

The "Made in Hawaii" label is used to promote and support local businesses and industries in Hawaii. The term applies to a wide range of products, including food and beverages, clothing and apparel, crafts and artwork, beauty and skincare products, and more.

By purchasing products labeled as "Made in Hawaii," consumers can show support for the local economy, help sustain local businesses, and often get the opportunity to experience the distinct flavors, designs, and craftsmanship that are associated with the Hawaiian culture.

It is important to note that not all products sold in Hawaii are actually from Hawaii or found in Hawaii. When it comes to seashells, some of these items are imported from other countries and may not meet the criteria for the label "Made in Hawaii". Consumers should look for the "Made in Hawaii" label or inquire about the origin of a product if they specifically seek goods produced, or found in, Hawaii. 

So, a word of caution when searching for seashells and seashell jewelry items which claim to be "Made in Hawaii". Especially when purchasing seashell leis, necklaces and bracelets from tourist destinations; chances are the item you find is not "Made in Hawaii" despite its label.