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Hawaii's Unique Seashells

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Consider Hawaii's ocean community featuring micro, or tiny, seashells. You will have to look closely to see these colorful beauties so take a dive in the ocean and reach for the sand to see the wonders of this unique community. You will be amazed!

My life's journey and love for Hawaii's tiny seashells began with diving and a very large fish tank many years ago. I was delighted to discover shells so uncommon and tiny. My older generation were even aware that Hawaii's beaches and ocean offer such tiny beautiful seashell treasures.

Tourist and local residents are familiar with the customary shell lei and puka necklaces. But I must offer you a word of caution if shopping for authentic "Hawaiian" shell jewelry. Most of the shell jewelry you find in local souvenir shops are labeled as Made in Hawaii or Hawaiian jewelry. Double check to make sure the shells were not imported from the Philippines, Vietnam, China or India. Although these countries have their own unique and beautiful shells, the shells are are not found in Hawaii. Because authentic shells from Hawaii are more difficult to find, the limited quantity of Hawaii's colorful seashells are in demand and a bit more pricey compared to "Hawaiian" shell jewelry found on-line and in local souvenir shops.

Please view these links to familiarize yourself with Hawaii's unique seashells:

http://www.niihauheritage.org/shells.htm (Kahelelani, Momi & Laiki Shells)


https://www.flickr.com/photos/uhmuseum/6888516933/in/album-72157616090546606/ (Hawaiian Peristernia Chlorostoma)

http://www.manandmollusc.net/niihau/mitrella-margarita.html ("Hawaiian Rice" Shells)


"Laiki" Shells laiki.jpg "Hawaiian Rice"

"Ni'ihau" (Momi) Shells momi.jpg

"Kahelelani" Shells wide-kahele.jpg

"Green-Mouth Spindle" (Turbinella Pacifica) (Peristernia Chlorostoma) http://www.gastropods.com/8/Shell_10188.shtml